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"Connectivity" The New Hearing Systems

In this age of rapidly expanding technology and wireless communication with cell phones and computers, it comes as no big surprise that the hearing impaired patients will benefit from these advancements. These wireless advancements will allow our patients to stay “connected” to their world with improved communication ability and quality hearing enjoyment.

The hearing aids our grandparents used are now like the dinosaurs that once inhabited the earth. Even the most advanced digital hearing aids from 4 years ago are far behind the times. The digital hearing aids of today are miniature computers with data chips so fast they separate speech from noise in up to 27 different frequency bands. This allows the patient to hear sounds comfortably and understand speech more clearly in noisy environments without any adjustments made by the patient.

When purchasing today’s hearing aid technology, patients are able to buy hearing aid systems that will allow them to connect wirelessly to their television set for improved viewing through their hearing aids. When using a blue tooth cell phone they can answer a call without touching their cell phone and receive the call in both of their ears through their hearing aids. Hearing a phone call in both ears provides improved speech clarity and understanding.

The future is HEAR! Let us help you enjoy a better quality of life through better hearing and stay “connected” to the world.