Pediatric Hearing Aids

Hearing aids help maximize a child’s access to sounds and are the way to promote overall development in children with mild to severe hearing loss. They help improve your child’s quality of life and are critical to learning. With today’s technology, children can be fit with hearing aids within the first few crucial weeks or months after birth.  Infants and toddlers are just starting to explore the world of sound and their equipment needs to be secure and easy for parents to handle.  Consider your family dynamics when choosing a hearing aid solution for your child.  Natural, easy family communication can be accomplished with a variety of pediatric solutions. Even children with minimal hearing can benefit from hearing aids, because the amplified sound produces stimulation and supports growth of the auditory centers of the brain. Early intervention is key!


Blake was so happy to get his new Hearing Aids he didn’t even want to take them off to get them adjusted.

Healing Heroes Foundation helps pediatric patients heal emotionally and mentally by appearing as superheroes, bringing encouragement, happiness, and hope to sick children.

We work with some of the top pediatric hearing aid manufacturers – Because every child deserves the best!

We take the approach to making the most of every interaction which includes easy to use, high-performing and reliable hearing solutions that meet the needs of every child.

ReSound Smart 88

Phonak Sky Family

ReSound Smart 88

Oticon Sensei