Hearing Aid batteries may be purchased in our office, by mail, by telephone or by email.

Batteries are $5.00 per package. Sizes: 10 13 312 675

10 (Yellow) 13 (Orange) 312 (Brown) 675 (Blue)

Ask your Audiologist which size/color battery label pertains to you.

Battery Club

We also have a Battery club with flexibility to choose your hearing aid battery size, quantity and frequency.

  • Simply join by depositing $40 in your account
  • Receive 2 packages of batteries free
  • Eight additional packages are mailed to you whenever you call or email us
  • Free shipping and handling
  • You receive 10 packages for the price of 8
  • 20% savings
  • No need to write a check every time
  • Saves travel time

Battery Advice

  • Extend your battery’s life. Turn off your hearing aid when not in use or open the battery door to break the circuit.
  • Store batteries in a cool, dry place. Do not refrigerate as this can cause water vapor to get under the sticker and activate the battery, which can drain its power. Do not store them under excessive heat as this can also shorten battery life.
  • To activate the battery, simply remove the tab, wait 30-60 seconds to allow air to enter and activate the ingredients. Today’s batteries are “zinc air” – they use air as a source of power.
  • Battery life depends on the size of the battery, the drain produced by the hearing aid circuitry, hours of use per day, and listening conditions.
  • Do not store batteries in your pocket or purse, as contact with other metal objects such as coins or keys can short-circuit the batteries.
  • Keep batteries away from small children and pets.