Bone Anchored Hearing Aid (BAHA) is a technology that the FDA approved for use in 1996. As of January 2006, this device may be covered through Medicare or other insurances.

This technology is intended to aid individuals with chronic ear infections, conductive hearing losses as well as mixed hearing losses that can not be fit with a traditional hearing aid. It may also be used for individuals who suffer from single sided deafness (SSD). The BAHA is a hearing device that combines a titanium piece which is partially implanted into the skull by an otologist (ear surgeon) and a sound processor which is worn exteriorly. It is the only treatment for hearing loss that provides direct bone conduction which allows the sound to bypass the outer and middle ear and reaches the cochlea directly. We provide a BAHA consultations, evaluations and demonstrations. If you are a candidate for a BAHA, we will refer you to our qualified surgeon for the procedure.