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Your Healthy Hearing Check-up

We recommend regular hearing health check-ups ensure that you’re hearing as well as possible.  Your hearing check-up includes the following:

  1. Hearing test.  We’ll compare the results to your previous hearing levels.  If we find any change, we’ll recommend treatment or program your hearing aids to compensate for the change.  Many people find they hear a little better after this adjustment.
  2. Ear canal examination.  Ear wax is one of the most common causes of hearing aid feedback (whistle) and hearing aid repairs.
  3. Cleaning and adjusting your hearing aids.  Regular cleaning minimizes hearing aid repairs and makes sure that your hearing aids are providing the maximum benefit.  Cleaning and re-programming of your hearing aids sometimes makes a noticeable improvement.
  4. Reviewing other sources of help.  This is a good time to ask about telephone amplifiers, clock and smoke alarms, and devices for television and group settings.

Please call our office if it’s time to schedule your healthy hearing check-up.

From our Hearing Health Care News letter