Cochlear Implant Recipients

Pursuing a cochlear implant is an important decision that requires a significant amount of education for the patient and his/her family.  For some, taking the next step can be daunting due to many unknowns.  Many prospective cochlear implant candidates find it is helpful to meet other recipients of cochlear implants who have gone through the process.  At ChEARS Hearing Center, we are here to educate you and help you through every step of this importance and life-changing process.

UNSTOPPABLE: Cochlear Implant Recipient lives life on his terms:

Watch as Two Sisters Take the Journey from Cochlear Implant Candidacy to Becoming Recipients:


What ChEARS cochlear implant recipients have to say:

“At 84, having my CI has been life changing. I was 30 when I had a diving accident that left me with 10% hearing in my right ear. I had managed fairly well with one good ear until I aged.

When I first visited Chears in 2017, I was using hearing aids in both ears but still hearing poorly. I was dependent on my Family and my Service Dog. I had difficulty understanding my Husband and my Daughter. I could not have a conversation on the phone much less make a doctor’s appointment. I was unable to join in conversations at parties, unable to converse when dining out, and unable to go to the theater. I was becoming isolated. I preferred to be alone.  My Service Dog was trained to take me to my phone when it was ringing, to alert me when walking if someone was walking behind us and to protect me.

Dr Kearney suggested a cochlear implant, a totally new concept to me. The nerve in my right ear had been kept active by using a hearing aid in it, and she thought I was a good candidate. I would not have taken this incredible life-changing leap without Dr. Kearney’s encouragement. After the implant, I worked hard on the suggested training program and with friends and Family. I can HEAR now.

I will be forever grateful!”

  • Gail T.

“I am very grateful I had the cochlear implant surgery. With the pandemic event and everyone wearing masks I would have been totally confused and frustrated had I not had the surgery. With the implant, I have been able to have normal conversations with others at stores or neighbors across the street. I have not had to rely on lip reading, which has been a blessing.”

  • Lynne