Patient Testimonials

Dear ChEARs,

I am so pleased with my Oticon OPN hearing aids provided by Dr Robert Faillace at CHEARS Hearing Center. I knew I was suffering from hearing loss but I fought doing anything about it for years. I finally decided to check it out and was referred to Robert by a good friend.

The OPN’s have made all the difference in the world. Last week I went to look at an apartment building our group is closing on soon and I was having the hardest time hearing what any of the brokers were saying. After asking them to repeat things several times I went to adjust my hearing aids and discovered I had forgot to put them in that morning…no wonder I was having trouble!

Thank you,
J Enright

After 45 years of wearing hearing aids I made a life changing decision to go with the Oticon Opn Hearing Aids. The moment I was fitted with my new aids I experienced and felt different. At last I was comfortable and relaxed, without having to strain at all on my part…Just clear sounds without the abnormal intense effort. My mind and body relaxed by itself and almost instantly I was hearing new sounds I hadn’t heard in years.

More than just hearing clearly I’ve been able to regain self-confidence in my own ability to hear, without having to lean on others.R Casey

As I begin let me say cheers to CHEARS!!! I spent all my adult life in TV News…we were required to wear what is called an “IFB” in our ear to hear programming and producer/director instructions, etc. When I retired in 2008 I found my hearing to be awful. I was lost…went to Senta Clinic and the CHEARS Hearing Center and when I met Dr. Faillace and his staff my life changed forever! Dr. Faillace not only fitted me with outstanding hearing aids, he has been there for me with every need I have had since day one. I highly recommend CHEARS whether you are young or old. By the way, the new hearing aids are nearly invisible….CHEARS keeps up with the latest and greatest products while servicing the patient with tip-top professionalism. Give’em a call…I guarantee you will hear what you need to hear!!!Rod L

Dear Dr. Faillace,

As the wife of your patient, I would like to share with your potential patients and families that improved hearing is a life changer. Communication between spouses can be difficult and at times frustrating when there is hearing loss. On many occasions arguments arise due to misunderstandings and lack of communication. I thank you, Dr. Faillace and hope that all candidates for hearing aids consider the improvement they will have on a personal level as well as the quality of life they will begin to experience together with their families. Susana Leff, wife of patient Felipe Leff

I got my first hearing aids in 1997 from the House Hearing Clinic in Orange County. They helped my hearing ability a great deal. After we moved to San Diego I transferred my hearing needs to Chears Hearing Center located in the Senta Clinic. As I aged my hearing deteriorated to the point it is impossible for me to hear the television, understand the minister in church, or hear in a crowded room. I now have ReSound hearing aids that I bought from Dr. Robert Faillace at the Chears Hearing Center, with two applications that have helped me adapt to the world around me—ReSound TV Streamer and a ReSound Multi Mic with a remote that operates both of them. I can now hear the television clearly and the minister (or any speaker) can clip the Multi mic on his shirt and I hear every word he (or she) says clearly, in addition it cuts out the surrounding noise. The remote control also helps me cut out some of the surrounding noise of a crowded room. I am grateful for these new devices. They make my life easier. Margie Prestwood

I’m 57 years old and my hearing I knew, wasn’t great – but it wasn’t terribly bad either. My hearing loss is in the medium range and I could struggle through most difficult hearing needs. I am a nurse part time and a grandmother care giver part time and I decided that my grandson’s soft voice and a patient’s voice were worth never missing. Dr. Faillace and ChEARS helped me achieve a much more comfortable way to hear. The extensive evaluation and the great care I received at ChEARS made it all a very comfortable experienceIt took only 3 to 4 days to get completely used to my new open ear hearing aids and a few more visits to get the hearing comfort level just right. I can now hear my 5 yr. old grandson in the back seat when I’m driving even with road noise. I can also hear those soft spoken words of the patients I care for. I wear glasses and put a Bluetooth on easily without removing my hearing aids.I have tinnitus and that has added to my hearing difficulties. Now with the hearing aids in, I still have it but it is no longer the focus of my hearing. I leave them in until I go to bed at night even though I am reading in a quiet environment. The tinnitus can hardly be perceived with them in.I’m so glad I didn’t wait for my hearing to get worse before I took action.Thank you to Dr. Faillace and ChEARS for my new normal hearing! Celeste Eliason, R.N.

I didn’t realize how much I was missing until having my hearing tested on my first visit to ChEARS. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly. Dr. Johns and Dr. Faillace are both so pleasant and professional. I received personal attention and care, and all my questions were addressed and explained to me in a way I understood. I felt confident in my choice of the open-fit hearing aid, and after wearing them for a few months now, I can’t imagine life without them. Dr. Faillace and Dr. Johns are sincere in their commitment to their patients. The follow-up care is excellent, and I really look forward to my visits! I also feel comfortable and secure knowing I can call at any time with questions or concerns. I am so thankful to both of them for opening up my world. Cheers! Chears!My best to Dr. Johns and Dr. Faillace! Sharon Gaudette Hieserich

I just wanted to express my appreciation for my new Widex Inteo hearing aids. This is the third iteration of hearing aids for me and these are by far the best I have ever experienced. I can hear a full range of sounds which allows me to perform my work properly. As a college professor, it is vital that I have effective hearing and the Widex aids accomplish that task. Not only this, but my wife no longer complains about my inability to hear conversations. Thank you both for suggesting Widex. It is worth the cost. Walt Heinecke
Adjunct Professor Leadership Studies
School of Leadership and Education Siences
University of San Diego

“I knew I was hard of hearing, but didn’t realize all that I was missing. Thank you for answering my questions and helping improve my quality of life. I am absolutely amazed at the quality and clarity of sound with my hearing aid! I could not be more pleased with my results.” Shelly Hannink

Dear Dr. Faillace,For many years I have been unable to hear and talk to people over the phone and in group gatherings. For the past month, since purchasing my hearing aids from you that are set for my hearing loss to hear at a near normal level, I am able to hear sounds and conversations as I did years ago. At 90 years plus, I have gone back to the good years.Thank you for your professional services and your office is one of the very best. Z R Wall, Jr

I highly recommend ChEARS, Inc. to anyone struggling with a hearing impairment, or to those who think they might have an auditory problem. I’ve greatly appreciated Dr. Faillace’s capable professionalism and kindness and, perhaps, especially his ability to find just the right hearing aids when the first set wasn’t quite right for me.It’s so nice not to have to ask people over and over to speak up or repeat what they’re saying – or not needing to just smile politely when something’s already been repeated once or twice! Joanne Pickering

Dear Dr. Faillace,Thank you for the special care you have given to my hearing needs. I LOVE MY HEARING AID!!!!!!! It is so nice to be able to hear and understand the conversations going on around me. I previously could not hear the soft voices of my grandchildren but no longer have that problem. My husband loves it also as he no longer has to suffer through the loud volume on the television. The hearing aid has made my world so much better.Best regards, Georgina Hayo

I had recognized for some time that my hearing was not good. My audiological tests confirmed that I had significant hearing loss. One day, while walking at Mission Trails with a friend, I was nearly bitten by a rattlesnake because I could not hear it rattling in the bushes. I realized then that my hearing had deteriorated to the point where my safety was at risk and that it was time to look into hearing aids. I was referred to Dr. Robert Faillace by a long-time friend who worked in the field of Audiology. She stated Dr. Faillace “Is super skilled when it comes to this technology and understands the needs of the adult population.”

I agree completely. In the initial appointment, Dr. Faillace tested my hearing levels, diagnosed my best option for aids, programmed trial hearing aids and fitted me with Oticon hearing aids. The results were nothing short of miraculous.

Now I wonder why I waited so long. Many reasons played into it. Denial, vanity and even cost. Knowing now what benefits my hearing aids have given me, I would not hesitate to encourage anyone with hearing loss to looking into hearing aids. The confidence I have regained, the enjoyment of music and conversations  and most importantly, feeling safer in a perilous environment was life changing. Dr Faillace is your professional choice for hearing related needs.

Donald Bertolucci

After battling a hearing aid problem that had gone on for three years. (5500 dollars in Widex) and numerous trips to Scripps Audiology for relief of pain in both my ears. I finally decided to give up and try another Audiologist to see if he could resolve the problem. I picked one out online (BINGO) Dr. Faillace at ChEARS Hearing Center. The Dr. looked at my hearing aids and within 20 minutes solved the problem with them and I am hearing like what hearing aids should do without hurting. I would highly recommend this Dr. for any hearing problems you might have.

R. Murray